Presentation Aide for Windows XP

When you give a lecture or make a speech with computer and projector, Presentation Aide will greatly help you. The projector monitor can mirror your computer monitor synchronously , but, without something such as Presentation paper window and a Memorandum

SpamGunner  v.2.0

This program is an anti-spam product for consumers and small businesses. It can check and filter multiple accounts synchronously and kill Email viruses.


Armeria Sounds  v.

Ver1.020 Add 'bluetooth' Menu.Bug fixes. The player can view the favorite images each song. The image synchronously from the Zune, set. (Not Album art) A favorite song and favorite image set. Support your comfortable music life. (Sorry, I'm not

Regex Match Tracer  v.3.0.1

A visial assistant to help you to write, test, optimize and debug regex, especially good at long regex. It makes your regex easy and clear and efficient. It will tell you why your regex fails to match if your regex fails.

Star Email Marketing

Star email robot is an automatic email tool, including three kinds of software namely, email addresses collection, email address verification, and e-mail group sending. You can use one of them separately or some of them as a combination upon your own

Daniusoft DVD to iPhone Converter  v.2.3.4

Daniusoft DVD to iPhone Converter is a powerful DVD movie to iPhone video converter software. It can convert DVD to iPhone MPEG-4, H.264, M4V and rip DVD audio to iPhone MP3, AAC, M4A. It also provides you to convert DVD to Apple iPod and Apple TV.

Video Meeting Room - Subscription  v.1.9

We offer you the opportunity to have your own video chatroom here at cha-cha-chat. Get your own video chat room. Embed a video chat room on a website. If you want more flexibility you can pay for some cha-cha-chat features ($7.95/month).


The New Experience in Light Performances MADRIX is a fresh experience in lighting control incorporating the latest technology for optimal use.

Presentation Aide  v.2 3

Presentation Aide can help you to do the private works in your computer but just show the parts that you want to the audience.

CANParam  v.4 14

The CAN modules are parameterized on the PC using the CANParam parameterization tool (contained in the 800-600-1AA11 software package). That makes setting the communication parameters easy.

SynchroPass  v.1.0.0060

Most of Microsoft Windows operating systems give an opportunity for user to change domain password from his/her workstation, but only in case the workstation is a member of this domain.

Monitor Control  v.3 2

Softany Monitor Control is a tray program that help you manually turn off your computer's monitor, manually start any screensaver installed in your system rather than waiting for a number of minutes; quick change screensaver settings; automatically d

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